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How to choose Dropshipping products so as not to step on thunder? Here comes the selection method that novices can master!

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When you are looking for dropshipping products, what are you looking for? Dropshipping is a way to sell goods online without keeping inventory. Instead, sellers can use third-party vendors to ship directly to customers. Through the dropshipping model, sellers do not need to pay expensive costs for inventory, nor do they have to contact the products

She Who Doesn’t In Her Right Scarf Is Not A True Lady

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What does a scarf mean for a lady? Every lady has her scarf, some of them has one, some of them has dozens, some of them has hundreds or more. If you are in a right scarf, you feel confidence, brilliant, harmonious, love your self, proud of yourself. But at another day without a scarf

The company has no budget, how to get product exposure?

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Today’s article will be helpful for your promotion, product exposure, especially finding celebrities, bloggers, news media, and how to write e-mails and how to grasp celebrities’ mentality in the process, I think it is helpful to operations staff. Okay, let's start today's topic! We know that whether we are a mature company or just starting

Daily work of testing products for customers

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Today, we have watches arriving at the warehouse and wait for product inspection. My colleagues are busy testing in order to make sure every product is fine for our customers. We need to open every package,  check the watches and pack them again for the long-distance transport. Dropshipbob, Gather global resources, enjoy world logistics.

What plugins should be installed at different stages of Shopify?

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There are many Shopify software, some are suitable for dropshipping stores, and some are suitable for stores with inventory. It will take a lot of time to test the shopify store software slowly. Moreover, money has to be spent on the blade! The software that can solve the problem the most and bring you the most income

Business salon for salesman in our company

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The business salon for salesman is going on every Saturday  afternoon from 13:30 to 16:30. During the 3-hours sharing and discussion, the salesman team of our company can get more knowledge about Dropshipping model and processes, in order to improve their skills in business. The salon began with introduction of our group- New Zoro Group

How to connect our ERP system with your Shopify—Dianxiaomi

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Step 1: Click the “Settings” in the lower left corner, and select “Package and authorizations”: Step 2: Then, select “Add employee account” as shown in the picture below: Step 3: Select “Orders” and “Applications”: Step 4: Then Click “Applications” and press the “Visit the shopify App Store”: Step 5: Click “Search” and type in “Dianxiaomi”: Step 6:

The relationship between DP and Shopify

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If you want to be a member of the cross-border eCommerce shops, there’s a great way to do right now: set up store on Shopify and start dropshiping. After all, in traditional eCommerce market, you need to waste a lot of resources on product inventory. If you’re considering the new eCommerce model of drop shopping, inventory is no longer a problem. Since in

2020 Hot Selling Niche Products for daily life

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1. Inflatable bed Inflatable beds are an indispensable product for many camping enthusiasts. The products can basically be divided into one-person beds, two-person beds, electric, manual and built-in air pumps. Sellers can pay attention to the following peripheral products, including: pumps, inflatable pillows, moisture-proof cushions, blankets, storage supplies, etc. 2.Wireless charger With the continuous upgrading